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  • Joint Pressure Test Full

    The Rausch Joint Pressure Testing System

  • Focus Detail Pressure Test

    Powered by the L135 Tractor.

  • Joint Pressure Test system fits in Truck

    The JPT fits into your standard inspection vehicle.

  • Joint Pressure Test of Y Joints

    Joint pressure testing of Y-joints available upon request.

The M-Series

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Joint Pressure Testing System

Rausch’s Joint Pressure Testing System (JPTS) has been on the European Market for many years and has proven to be a very viable and highly reliable. This system is used to test each joint for leaks individually.

How it works:

  • 1) The L135 Tractor positions the JPTS over the joint(s) to be tested.
  • 2) Proper alignment is ensured by the CCTV camera located in between the two inflatable bladders
  • 3) The first bladder is expanded to block any flow coming through the line/system.
  • 4) The second bladder is expanded to seal off the joint.
  • 5) Air pressure - usually 8 psi - is applied to the now sealed joint area. The pre-set* air pressure value must be maintained for a certain period of time, to be set according to applicable testing regulations.
  • 6) After the test period is over, the system will indicate if the joint has passed or failed the test.**

*The test pressures and the duration of the test can be adjusted to meet requirements.

**The software produces a report of the tested areas that can be printed.

Watch an Animated Demonstration of the JPTS in Action