Video - Mainline Camera/Tractor System

Video collection of the Rausch L 135 tractor, KS135 mainline camera, and KS135 Scan laser pipe profiling system in action. Mainline Camera & Tractor Specifications

Mainline Camera In-Pipe Footage:

This real-time action footage from the Rausch KS135 mainline camera shows the seamless, uninterrupted 360°rotation during a joint inspection. The functionality of the remote-controlled electric lift and the 120:1 zoom is demonstrated in the second scene in the video. Mainline Camera & Tractor Specifications

Laser Pipe Profiling with KS135 Scan Camera

The video demonstrates how the Rausch Laser Pipe Profiling system performs its laser scan of the entire pipe length. The setup is quick and easy - there is no field calibration needed. The KS135-Scan camera head swivels perpendicular to the pipe wall and rotates at a defined speed. Via triangulation the Scan software continuously calculates the precise pipe diameter and all deflections. All reports are generated instantly on site with direct and highly accurate measurements. Laser Pipe Profiling Product Page

The Elka 600 Cable Reel

At 0:41 you will see the Rausch mainline camera and tractor be lowered into the manhole using the Elka 600 cable reel's swivel crane arm and chain hoist. Elka 600 Cable Reel Specifications

Changing the Modules on the Rausch Tractor

This video demonstrates the easy process of changing the Rausch mainline camera for the lateral launch module. Rausch systems can be upgraded with new modules at any time after the original purchase. Mainline Camera & Tractor Specifications

Changing the Tires on the Rausch Tractor

Changing the Rausch tires is quick and easy. All Rausch tires are stackable - they mount on top of other wheels with a rapid and secure connection to raise the camera in the pipe. Mainline Camera & Tractor Specifications

Pipe Camera Attacked by Alligator

Watch the pipe camera/tractor system get attacked by an alligator in the pipe!

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