Directions from Interstate 81

  1. Take Exit 20 - Scotland, from Interstate 81.
  2. Turn right at the stoplight on the exit ramp onto PA-997 North; both north and south bound drivers. The Sunoco should be on your right.
  3. Turn left at the first stoplight, the instersection of PA-997 and US-11, onto US-11 South. Sheetz is on your right.
  4. Turn right onto PA-443, Sunset Pike at the first stoplight. Sunset Motors is on your right.
  5. Turn left onto Coffey Avenue at the first stoplight. The Army Depot is on your right.
  6. Turn left onto Innovation Way at the second stoplight. The firehouse is on your left.
  7. Turn Left onto Technology Avenue.
  8. Welcome to the office of Rausch USA! Our office building is the center building to your left - 4757. Our manufacturing and service facility is in Building B 4761, on your right.

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