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Video: Chambersburg QuickLock Installs

These three videos document the recorded footage from the actual QuickLock installations mentioned here in Chambersburg.

In this, the first installation, the QuickLock sleeve was installed in a 10″ clay line that had unusually high flow. To ensure a smooth installation, the line was stopped with a plug. The pre-installation inspection run showed significant damage to the pipe. The packer actually was turned partially sideways during the delivery, but with some gentle maneuvering was returned to normal for the installation.

The second pipe we repaired with the team actually had two spot damages. In both instances, the problem was an offset joint. Because there were two in the same line, the furthest from the manhole was repaired first.

After successfully repairing the farthest damage, the packer was returned, loaded with a new sleeve, and sent back in to the spot damage closer to the manhole. All three installations went smoothly.

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Event: 29th Annual Tri-State Seminar On-The-River

tri-state seminar logo

Tri-State Seminar On-The-River

Rausch USA would like to announce that we will be joining our dealer, West Coast Safety Supply & Equipment Co., at the 29th Annual Tri-State Seminar On-The-River. For the first time, the Tri-State Seminar will be in Las Vegas, NV at the South Point Hotel & Casino. We will be at the West Coast Safety booth presenting Rausch and QuickLock equipment.

29th Annual Tri-State Seminar On-The-River

September 24-26, 2013
South Point Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Featured products we’ll have at the show are:

Rausch Pipe Inspection Equipment

QuickLock Pipe Point Repair

Contact us to set up an appointment with Rausch at the Tri-State Seminar.
More information available at

Testimonial: Spring Garden Township

I work for Spring Garden Township, and we purchased our Rausch camera system in 2005. We have had great success in televising our sewer main & laterals all in one inspection. Our Rausch system has been trouble free, barring normal industry wear and tear.

When we have issues with clay pipes and ground water at Spring Garden Township, this is where QuickLock comes into play. We don’t need to use One Call, there is no excavating, and no extra man power is required to repair our pipes. This is a two man operation that only takes minutes. The QuickLock sleeve is stainless steel, so there is no corrosion, and the EPDM rubber gasket seals tight, stopping water from entering our sewer system. The entire operation is performed without stopping sewer flow. It’s a great product for a great price, considering the alternative.

Brent Barley
Sewer Crew Leader
Spring Garden Township

QuickLock Installation at Chambersburg, PA

On Thursday June 20, 2013, Rausch was invited to help the Borough of Chambersburg install their first QuickLock point repair sleeves. Rausch sent their experienced demonstration team to teach the Borough operators how to run the QuickLock system.

Chambersburg Borough Equipment

The first repair was performed in a 10″  clay line. The team set up the inspection truck downstream and sent in an inspection camera to locate and inspect the damages previously located by the Chambersburg operators.

Damaged pipe

A crack was located alongside a joint offset.

Having approved the damage as appropriate for a QuickLock repair, the Rausch team proceeded to demonstrate how to assemble the EPDM rubber gasket and 316L stainless steel sleeve. Then they loaded the QuickLock sleeve onto the packer, which will be pushed into place by a TV camera in the pipe.


To attach the QuickLock sleeve, remove the rear wheels, slide on the sleeve, and replace the wheels.

The Chambersburg Borough team blocked the flow of the line with a pipe plug at the next manhole. Then, they lowered an operator into the manhole to connect the QuickLock system with the transfer bar attached to the pipe inspection camera.

Chambersburg operator in manhole

The operator connects the packer to the camera-tractor.

Once the system was in the line, the entire operation was controlled from the control room of the Rausch truck. The QuickLock packer was pushed into place over the spot damage in the line. An air compressor regulated the air pressure flow to the packer. The bladder of the packer expanded to lock the sleeve permanently into place. On each QuickLock sleeve, a one-way-ratchet gear mechanism runs along a saw-tooth channel as the sleeve expands. Once maximum compression was reached, the packer deflated and could pass through the installed QuickLock Sleeve.

1st Repair

After the sleeve has been installed.