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Rausch Laser Profiler recommended by URS Corporation

Rausch USA is pleased to present this report created by URS Corporation, conducted independently on behalf of the Michigan DOT. In their latest Examination of Sewer and Culvert Installation report, the URS team invited multiple laser pipe profiling vendors to present their equipment for testing and research. After thorough analysis of the systems they have selected a recommended laser profiling system which best meets their basic criteria considerations – the Rausch laser profiler which uses “spinning laser” technology.

They explain their choice in the below excerpt:

The Rausch circumferential measurement intensity of 20 points can be compared to a 20 point virtual mandrel. While the “spinning laser” circumferential data points are substantially less than the “continuous laser ring” circumferential data points (360 to >1000 in recent upgrades), in our opinion they appear to provide adequate and more accurate diameter information. This is because in our opinion both the laser and camera are located on the same vehicle and camera/laser head and therefore are almost perpendicular to the pipe walls and experience less data fluctuation.

In our opinion, the “continuous laser ring” technology appears to have significant data fluctuation caused by laser and camera vibrations induced by their respective independent transporter movements. The fluctuations are likely lower at reduced speeds (<30 fpm) but in our opinion may still be significant enough to necessitate substantial data filtering during data post processing.

Here is a link to an official excerpt from the recommendation document compiled by URS Corporation which outlines in detail the reason for selecting the Rausch Laser Pipe Profiler over the competition:

URS Recommendation

Rausch Laser Pipe Profiler