Monthly Archives: June 2014

Rausch minCam360 Pan & Tilt Push Camera

Rausch USA is always working to offer innovative pipe inspection equipment. We are now introducing the minCam360 Pan & Tilt push camera, our most advanced push system.

The minCam360 system is equipped with the robust SK50 pan & tilt push camera with 4-step digital zoom. It measures approximately 1.9″ (50mm) in diameter and comes with an integrated dual-band 512 Hz / 33 kHz sonde. The lighting on the SK50 features 10 advanced self-adjusting “smart” LEDs.

The standard cable reel features 200 feet (60 m) of 9.2mm push cable, and is available up to a maximum of 300 feet (90 m). Our cable is a balance between flexibility and stiffness. The application range of the minCam360 is 3″ to 16″ pipe diameters with all optional accessories. The advanced 8.4″ monitor and recording unit comes with an integrated Qwerty keyboard text generator.

The pan & tilt SK50 push camera is operated by the included wireless remote control with a joystick for pan & tilt, 4X zoom control, light regulation, & preset camera macros.

Learn more about our innovative expansion to our minCam product line at the official minCam360 pan & tilt push camera webpage.