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MC SAT40 Lateral Camera

Introducing: MC SAT40 Lateral Camera

The newest module component to the Rausch lateral launch system is the MC SAT40 lateral camera. At only 1.57″ in diameter (40 mm), the compact size of this lateral camera enables it to traverse laterals too small for pan & tilt cameras. The MC SAT40 can inspect pipes as small as 2″ in diameter.

Equipped with a self-leveling auto upright picture and a powerful LED light ring, the MC SAT40 has the capability to be launched into cast iron pipes, such as commonly found in the cross bore safety industry. This camera connects to the same lateral cable like the standard pan & tilt lateral camera KS60CL.

The MC SAT40 Lateral Camera is an easy upgrade to your system and expands its application range.

To learn more about Rausch Lateral Launch products, click here.

New QuickLock Installation Manual

We would like to remind our customers that an updated QuickLock Installation Manual has been published. It is available for download now on our pipe rehabilitation website, RE PipeTech

Direct Download Link: QuickLock Manual Download

Please visit our QuickLock product page on RE PipeTech to stay up to date with all of the latest information, data sheets, and manuals for QuickLock No-Dig Point Repair.

minCord 13mm Camera Action Video

The minCord push camera is equipped with our smallest color camera, which measures 13mm / 0.51″ in diameter. The following two videos demonstrate how the miniature camera can be pushed through multiple 90° bends in a 3/4″ and 1″ PVC pipe with ease.

minCord in 3/4″ pipe:

minCord in 1″ pipe:

Learn more about our minCord push camera and the other minCam push camera products at Rausch