Monthly Archives: June 2016

Connecting Push Cameras to Reporting Software

Push cameras are an essential tool for inspection crews, even with a Rausch lateral launch system. Integrating push camera video into reports is important – so we developed the Rausch Connector.

The RAU9 Rausch Connector is specially designed to connect the video from our self-leveling and pan/tilt push cameras – the mc50, mc50 duo, mc80, and minCam360 – to the inspection software in the system control room, while also providing power to the system via the DC charging port. It uses the mainline cable connection to interface the push camera video to the CCTV system’s computer and software – just disconnect the L 135 and connect the Rausch Connector.

Utilizing the Rausch Connector, operators can document continuous NASSCO-certified reports even when they switch to the standalone push camera systems.

RAU9 connector for minCam push cameras

RAU9 Connector connects to the BNC video out and DC power port on the push camera control unit.

All of our push cameras can connect directly to a laptop with inspection software via the video out port – the truck is not required. This tool makes it simple for Rausch operators!

Rausch at PennTec 2016

Rausch USA is partnering with Tri State Environmental to display our products at the PennTec 2016 show in State College, PA today and tomorrow. The Rausch ECO STAR 400 demo trailer is on the show floor with the KS 135 Scan camera for laser profiling and QuickLock installation setup for trenchless pipe point repair.

Tri State Environmental has an indoor and outdoor booth to display the Rausch equipment. Find the trailer or their booth to learn more about our advanced inspection products.

Rausch at 2016 IFAT

Adam Baker, Vice President of Sales, joined Stefan Rausch, CEO, and the team from Rausch in Germany for the 2016 IFAT Expo in Munich, Germany last week. The Rausch team announced some exciting new developments for the Rausch TV inspection product line, which we look forward to introducing to the US market in the coming months.

Wheels for Push Cameras

Rausch push cameras are mobile and compact systems, and only the hefty 64-pound mc80 unit comes with built-in wheels. Customers frequently ask if our smaller system are available with wheels too – and now, that is true for the mc50, mc50 duo, and minCam360 systems too.

The new Trolley accessory hooks into the stainless steel and carbon reel cage, allowing the push camera systems to be maneuvered as simply as any dolly. The handle telescopes up to By making this an accessory and not an upgrade, we allow our customers the convenient option of disconnecting the Trolley and carrying the system to hard-to-reach locations.

Trolley with Wheels for Push Camera Systems

The Trolley is available for all mc50, mc50 duo, and minCam360 systems and is available now. Contact your regional sales representatives or Rausch directly for more information.