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New Products at WWETT 2017

RauschUSA is excited to be at the WWETT Show in Indianapolis right now – one of the biggest in our industry. The enormous exhibit hall opens at 9 AM on Thursday, February 23rd – TODAY – and the Rausch Sales Team will be in booth 6139 with the full Rausch product line on display.

We have 3 new products to introduce at WWETT 2017! Stop by the booth to check them out.

Pure View SD Camera

The brand new Pure View SD camera is a panomorphic video camera which connects to our L 135 crawler platform. It records the entire pipe interior at 30 fps in a single continuous run. With POSM software, the pipe can be unwrapped for inspections from the office.

The Pure View SD is an affordable upgrade to all new and existing Rausch systems to enter into the panomorphic video inspection market.

Live Stream Mobile App for Push Cameras

New this year – all of our MC, MC Duo, and 360 Rausch push systems can be outfitted with a WiFi adapter which connects to the Live Stream Mobile App available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The camera feed connects directly to the App and displays real-time video on your phone or tablet.

The Live App also features video and photo recording, which saves directly to your phone or tablet for easy and quick sharing to your customers.

Inspection Laptop for Portable System

Our premiere MOBILE pro portable mainline system has been upgraded this year with a Dell Rugged Laptop with POSM Pro inspection software for advanced PACP-certified inspection reporting. You gain access to a mainline inspection crawler and camera with no compromises on performance or reporting.

Visit Booth 6139!

Check out these new products, our full line of Rausch Push Cameras, and our industry-leading M-Series inspection equipment with lateral launch and laser profiling in the Rausch Booth 6139 this week at WWETT 2017!

Rausch Modular M-Series Inspection Crawler

RE: The Case for a Modular Sewer Inspection Platform

MSW Magazine released a relevant post discussing the value of a modular sewer inspection platform. We at Rausch are inclined to agree – and the Rausch M-Series platform is the most versatile inspection system on the market.

Below we go over some of the point made in the article, and how Rausch exceeds the standard.Cost

A Rausch crawler system can support incremental upgrades advancing the capability of your system – one system which can perform any kind of inspection. Adding a manhole inspection module to a Rausch van is an affordable upgrade instead of an expensive dedicated vehicle purchase.


The Rausch L 135 can go from inspecting 6″ relined pipe (5.5″) to inspecting 72″ storm drains simply by mounting the crawler in the Lafette large pipe diameter carriage. This level of modularity matches with the variety of inspection modules which can be attached to the crawler: the lateral launch system, laser pipe profiling, joint pressure testing.

Avoid obsolescence

A well designed crawler platform can be upgraded with new and exciting features as technology advances, and each component is cross compatible.

Smaller learning curve

When you add new capabilities to a modular system, the core controls are the same – only the new function requires additional training. When a mainline customer adds the lateral launch system, they already know how to control the crawler, camera, and lift – they just need to acquire the technique to launch a lateral camera.

Less maintenance and overhead

As the article states – it is easier to maintain one cable reel than it is to maintain three. Additionally, as each modular component can be removed independent of the whole system, repair logistics are simplified. Our lateral launch system is a prime example of this advantage.


We know that the Rausch modular crawler platform is the most versatile system on the market – no other system adapts to more unique technologies and capabilities than Rausch.

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RauschUSA’s Adam Baker and Jeff Rager spoke with Kyle Rogers at the 2016 WWETT Show to discuss our new MOBILE pro portable inspection system. Check it out to see how our new mainline system can help your team succeed.

Be sure to visit the RauschUSA booth at the 2017 WWETT Show to see the MOBILE pro and C 135 crawler in person, featuring our portable laptop setup with POSM inspection software.