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Rausch Manhole Inspection Camera

Manhole Inspection with Rausch Systems

Rausch CCTV Inspection trucks can be upgraded to perform manhole inspections – and with the right software, the inspections can adhere to NAASCO’s MACP standard. Manhole inspections require 4 pieces of Rausch equipment, 3 of which are standard on nearly every Rausch system we sell:

  1. Elka 600 cable drum
  2. KS 135 mainline camera with crack measurement
  3. ECO STAR 400 or Proline control unit
  4. Manhole Inspection Adapter Kit

The adapter kit consists of a mounting bracket for the Elka cable drum arm, an adapter to connect the KS 135 camera directly to the RAU9 mainline cable, and a telescopic pole which is secured to the bracket and connects to the KS 135 adapter. A tripod is also available to secure the pole firmly in place over the manhole.

By using the telescopic swivel arm of the Elka drum, the Manhole Inspection Unit can be centered over the manhole and then secured in place with the tripod. After securing the brake on the cable reel, release the locks on the pole’s extensions. By spooling out and rewinding the cable, the pole extends and retracts at a controlled speed, lowering and raising the pan and tilt KS 135 camera.

Rausch Manhole Inspection Adapter

Adapter Kit for Elka Reel and Pole

More information on the specifications and functions of the system is available on the product page.

Product Page

Request a demo of this feature today!

Connecting Push Cameras to Reporting Software

Push cameras are an essential tool for inspection crews, even with a Rausch lateral launch system. Integrating push camera video into reports is important – so we developed the Rausch Connector.

The RAU9 Rausch Connector is specially designed to connect the video from our self-leveling and pan/tilt push cameras – the mc50, mc50 duo, mc80, and minCam360 – to the inspection software in the system control room, while also providing power to the system via the DC charging port. It uses the mainline cable connection to interface the push camera video to the CCTV system’s computer and software – just disconnect the L 135 and connect the Rausch Connector.

Utilizing the Rausch Connector, operators can document continuous NASSCO-certified reports even when they switch to the standalone push camera systems.

RAU9 connector for minCam push cameras

RAU9 Connector connects to the BNC video out and DC power port on the push camera control unit.

All of our push cameras can connect directly to a laptop with inspection software via the video out port – the truck is not required. This tool makes it simple for Rausch operators!

Wheels for Push Cameras

Rausch push cameras are mobile and compact systems, and only the hefty 64-pound mc80 unit comes with built-in wheels. Customers frequently ask if our smaller system are available with wheels too – and now, that is true for the mc50, mc50 duo, and minCam360 systems too.

The new Trolley accessory hooks into the stainless steel and carbon reel cage, allowing the push camera systems to be maneuvered as simply as any dolly. The handle telescopes up to By making this an accessory and not an upgrade, we allow our customers the convenient option of disconnecting the Trolley and carrying the system to hard-to-reach locations.

Trolley with Wheels for Push Camera Systems

The Trolley is available for all mc50, mc50 duo, and minCam360 systems and is available now. Contact your regional sales representatives or Rausch directly for more information.

L 135 mainline pipe inspection crawler for large pipes

Inspecting Large Pipe with the L 135 – The Lafette Carriage

Rausch pipe inspection equipment is known for being interchangeable and upgradeable. With the new Lafette Carriage, the already-robust Rausch L 135 crawler is upgraded to inspect much larger pipes with additional weight, power, and maneuverability in mainline pipes up to 72″ diameter.

The L 135 crawler mounts into the cradle of the Lafette Carriage. Each wheel in the 4 wheel drive transmission of the L 135 connects to and drives the much larger wheels of the Lafette.

Rausch customers are already familiar with the height extension for the KS 135 mainline camera – it mounts directly onto the electric lift, and the camera mounts to the top of the height extension. When combined with the Lafette Carriage, the camera can be centered in much larger pipe sizes.

And the logical question is, how does the KS 135 Camera illuminate pipes which are large enough to walk through? The light extensions which mount directly to the KS 135 can be stacked, like in the photo below.

KS 135 mainline pipe inspection camera with extra lights

KS 135 Camera with 6 light extensions – no exposed wires or contacts.

The Lafette Carriage enables mainline TV inspection up to 72″ pipe diameter. Contact your Rausch sales rep today for more information.

minCam 360 Roll In Device for pan/tilt push camera

NEW – 360 Roll-in-Device for steering into laterals

The newest upgrade for the pan/tilt 360 push camera is the RID – Roll-in-Device.

This is a specially designed roller skid which uses the rotation of the 360 camera to literally roll into 45 and 90 degree laterals in pipes as small as 4″ in diameter as you push the camera forward. The below videos are done in a 100 mm pipe, which is 3.9″.

The RID is available now for current customers and for ordering with new systems.

MOBILE pro inspection system

MOBILE pro Inspection System

Robust design in a portable package.

Our new innovative MOBILE pro system is a professional and cost-effective solution. The C 135 crawler features an electric lift and reverse camera, stackable tires to extend the application range to 78″, and an inclination sensor standard.

The KS 135 C pan and tilt mainline camera features 10X zoom, infinite rotation, and laser diodes for crack measurement.

The camera/crawler is just one piece of the MOBILE pro system – keep following us for more information.

Portable. Powerful. Professional.

MOBILE pro Product Page

Mobile pro at WWETT 2016

Robust design in a portable package.

Our new innovative Mobile pro system is a professional and cost-effective solution. The Cubix 300 cable drum is loaded with up to 1,000 feet of mainline cable. This compact system only weighs 110 lbs and fits into a small 16.75″ square footprint.

The motorized cable reel is just one piece of the Mobile pro system – keep following us for more information.

Portable. Powerful. Professional.Mobile pro Cable ReelCheck back each week for more updates on the Mobile Pro system!

Rausch at WWETT 2016

Rausch would like to invite you to visit our booth for this year’s WWETT Show on February 18-20, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to bringing our full product line of professional Rausch inspection equipment, QuickLock pipe repair, and minCam push cameras, we will be showcasing our new Mobile pro system in the Exhibit Hall.

Rausch is at booth #6137 in the Indianapolis Convention Center.