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Financing Option

We would like to direct our customers to the financing opportunity we have with Susquehanna Bank, a dependable local bank in our area. They offer direct lending options through the bank itself. Click the link to check out their flyer!

Susquehanna Flyer

Happy Thanksgiving

Rausch Electronics USA, LLC. will be closed on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will reopen on Monday, December 2nd. Please have all parts orders to our service department by noon on Wednesday, November 27th if possible.

REMINDER: When contacting Rausch for technical support, parts or service, please call Rausch Service number (717) 263-8093 or email


Rausch has partnered with Susquehanna Commercial Finance to help businesses and municipalities throughout the United States acquire the equipment they need to operate and grow.  Susquehanna’s experienced team offers a full array of equipment financing structures and programs for any type of business.  If your company is looking for a finance source that can provide competitive pricing, flexible payment options and quick & easy documentation with a strong reputation for quality customer service.  Click on the link below for more information:

Susquehanna Bank Rausch Financing

Why you should purchase your equipment before 2014! Under Section 179 of the Federal Tax Code, in 2013 any business can write off 100% of their new or used equipment purchase price up to $500,000 with Commercial Finance Agreements (loans) and $1.00 Buyout leases.”

What this means for you: it gives you the ability to:

  • Buy or lease the equipment that you need now
  • Realize significant tax savings by buying now
  • Gain benefits even if leasing
  • Re-capture savings by utilizing sale lease-backs.”

Read the full Susquehanna release here.

Video: Chambersburg QuickLock Installs

These three videos document the recorded footage from the actual QuickLock installations mentioned here in Chambersburg.

In this, the first installation, the QuickLock sleeve was installed in a 10″ clay line that had unusually high flow. To ensure a smooth installation, the line was stopped with a plug. The pre-installation inspection run showed significant damage to the pipe. The packer actually was turned partially sideways during the delivery, but with some gentle maneuvering was returned to normal for the installation.

The second pipe we repaired with the team actually had two spot damages. In both instances, the problem was an offset joint. Because there were two in the same line, the furthest from the manhole was repaired first.

After successfully repairing the farthest damage, the packer was returned, loaded with a new sleeve, and sent back in to the spot damage closer to the manhole. All three installations went smoothly.

Learn more about QuickLock Pipe Point Repair