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minCord 13mm Camera Action Video

The minCord push camera is equipped with our smallest color camera, which measures 13mm / 0.51″ in diameter. The following two videos demonstrate how the miniature camera can be pushed through multiple 90° bends in a 3/4″ and 1″ PVC pipe with ease.

minCord in 3/4″ pipe:

minCord in 1″ pipe:

Learn more about our minCord push camera and the other minCam push camera products at Rausch

A Mile Mark

Rausch Electronics USA passed a mile mark the other day: over 10,000 views of our videos posted on YouTube. We have published videos at an increasing rate over the past two years to share more and more information with our customers. It is exciting to see people use these tools, and we would like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty and commitment. We remain committed to providing the best information and products to all of you.

There’s also the funny videos mixed in there, to bring a smile to your face.

Operational Video – minCam Quick Setup

This Rausch Operational Video is the first for our minCam product line. This video is short for a reason – the minCam setup is so quick and easy that it could not be any longer. You just switch on the camera, ready the monitor and place the camera in the pipe to begin the pipe inspection.

With our push camera systems, there is:

  • No unpacking of equipment
  • No cables to be connected
  • No monitor to be mounted

Everything is integrated into the compact system.

Learn more about the Rausch minCam product line here: Push Camera System

Operational Video: Changing the Tires

This Rausch Operational Video is the second in an ongoing Rausch series which will outline the basic training, operation and “how tos” of using a Rausch pipe inspection system to its maximum capability.

This simple video showcases the process of swapping between the high-traction aggressive tires and the standard rubber tires. The second scene shows how the user attaches the inflatable tires to the system for pipe inspections in pipe diameters 24″ and larger. There is only one tractor in the Rausch M-Series inspection systems – every tire type is interchangeable. Once you invest in the Rausch tractor you gain the ability to upgrade to a different tire set.

The “M” in M-Series stands for modular. Rausch Pipe Inspection Equipment