Featured System Builds: Clean Water and Solar Power

This spring, RauschUSA collaborated with Clean Water Services of Hillsboro, OR to design and build an environmentally friendly Rausch Pipe Inspection System, which can run a full day off of batteries charged with solar power. Moreover, this system offers the benefit of silent operation in quiet neighborhoods, because the system runs without idling or a generator.

Clean Water first approached RauschUSA in 2016 with the special request to build a solar-power inspection van. After much research, engineering planning, and back-and-forth conversation, we agreed upon the design and setup for the custom Ford Transit, and Clean Water sent us their trademark navy blue van to start the build.

The solar power is not the only unique and custom feature of this special pipe inspection truck: Clean Water requested a 1/2 bath with a sink, a toilet, and a black water tank.

In order to have room for the bathroom, however, the desk layout needed to be unique – so Clean Water asked us to install a custom power-seat in the driver’s chair with remote-control operation. We worked with a local installer to mount and install the rotating chair. This seat is designed for improved accessibility for handicapped drivers and operators.

The solar power panels were installed by our integration team onto the roof of the Transit using a custom roof rack. A battery bank is built into the studio room on the passenger side, with a switch to swap to our standard inverter power. In our internal testing, the RCA Proline and Elka system could run a full day on the solar-charged batteries without turning on the Ford motor once.

We are very proud of the work our team has done to build our first-ever environmentally friendly solar vehicle! Clean Water Services and our dealer General Equipment have a long relationship with Rausch USA, and we are thankful that they approached us with this unique build request to send them an advanced Proline pipe inspection system.