Testimonial: Spring Garden Township

I work for Spring Garden Township, and we purchased our Rausch camera system in 2005. We have had great success in televising our sewer main & laterals all in one inspection. Our Rausch system has been trouble free, barring normal industry wear and tear.

When we have issues with clay pipes and ground water at Spring Garden Township, this is where QuickLock comes into play. We don’t need to use One Call, there is no excavating, and no extra man power is required to repair our pipes. This is a two man operation that only takes minutes. The QuickLock sleeve is stainless steel, so there is no corrosion, and the EPDM rubber gasket seals tight, stopping water from entering our sewer system. The entire operation is performed without stopping sewer flow. It’s a great product for a great price, considering the alternative.

Brent Barley
Sewer Crew Leader
Spring Garden Township