Video: Chambersburg QuickLock Installs

These three videos document the recorded footage from the actual QuickLock installations mentioned here in Chambersburg.

In this, the first installation, the QuickLock sleeve was installed in a 10″ clay line that had unusually high flow. To ensure a smooth installation, the line was stopped with a plug. The pre-installation inspection run showed significant damage to the pipe. The packer actually was turned partially sideways during the delivery, but with some gentle maneuvering was returned to normal for the installation.

The second pipe we repaired with the team actually had two spot damages. In both instances, the problem was an offset joint. Because there were two in the same line, the furthest from the manhole was repaired first.

After successfully repairing the farthest damage, the packer was returned, loaded with a new sleeve, and sent back in to the spot damage closer to the manhole. All three installations went smoothly.

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