Product Overview

Pluggable Pan and Tilt Camera

The KS 60 CL is the standard camera for all Rausch USA-satellite systems for the inspection of laterals. Irrespective, whether used in manual pushing mode with a portable hasp, connected to the crawler L 100 Cross or in combination with the M-series, the wireless plug connection stands for fast and easy change between the systems. Whichever application is considered, the camera will guarantee an excellent view with its Power LED illumination, as well as a permanent upright picture.

For the inspection of branched sewerage systems, the KS 60 CL can be equipped with an additional PIN. By using this PIN the KS 60 will inspect any pipe system as a steerable camera.

Our all-rounder is flexibly usable with the following components:


  • Alpha hasp with up to 60 m push cable
  • L 100 Cross up to 180 m cable
  • Quadtro 300 as built-in unit and crawler L 100 Cross up to 300 m cable
  • Elka 600 as built-in unit and crawler L 100 Cross up to 500 m cable

Technical Details

  • Pluggable pan and tilt camera
  • Operation with crawler or push cable
  • Integrated transmitter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Rotation: endless (slip ring), pan: 300°
  • Friction clutch for overload protection
  • Permanent upright picture
  • Illumination with power-LED
  • Nitrogen filling adapter for camera test
  • Measurements: Ø 62 mm, L: 129 mm
  • Weight: approx. 650 g
  • 30 m push cable


  • Ex-proof version according to European standard RL 94/9/EG in combination with crawler L 100 Cross and the control unit ECO STAR 400 or RCA proline.
  • Additional PIN as guidance

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