Product Overview

The Rausch USA manhole inspection system is a modular add-on for Elka 600 systems used in conjunction with the standard KS135 mainline camera or the KS 135 Scan laser profiler camera. It is connected to a telescopic bar module mounted to the arm of the Elka 600 motorized cable reel. Using your exsiting ECO STAR / RCA proline control unit, the manhole inspection system can be controlled remotely to lower and raise the camera into the manhole by extending and retracting the cable.

This manhole inspection system offers TV inspection of the manhole up to 26 ft. (8m) in depth. The camera features 10X optical / 12X digital zoom, automatic iris and autofocus functions. This system enables detailed manhole inspections with documentation according to MACP standards or a custom manhole template may be created.


  • Positive counting of the pipelength from bottom of the manhole up to the top.
  • Panning position is indicated on a 12 hour display, crosshairs for manhole inspection.
  • Operation of the manhole inspection (pan and tilt, as well as function of the cable drum), can be done manually or automatically via speed control.
  • The camera KS 135 has an endless panning mechanism with adjustable rotational speed and a position sensor for the data collection for a uniform manhole inspection.
  • Upgradable for measurement of cracks by laser and precise determination of laterals.
  • Power LEDs with near – and far field illumination as well as an additional lighting are used to illuminate the manhole.
  • Easy mount upgrade to Elka 600 cable drum.
  • Cable is synchronized via the reverse sensor of the adapter which connects to camera.
  • Tripod for stablizing the pole is available.

KS135 Camera


Feature Specs
Video Quality 540 TV Lines of Resolution
Lighting 4 Long Range High-Power LEDs and 6 Short Range LEDs
Zoom 120:1 – 10X Optical, 12X Digital
Pan/Tilt 280° Pan, Infinite 360° Rotation

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