Product Overview

 Up to 1,300 ft of Mainline Cable

Rausch USA​ cable drums are specifically developed for their application areas. They all have a cable guide with cross lead spindle, a stable low weight frame and a synchronization function between the crawler and the cable drum.

Our fully synchronized built-in premium model – the fully equipped cable drum Elka 600 – was designed for the use in Rausch USA vehicle systems. It is integrated in the rear area of the CCTV inspection vehicle to save space.

Cable drum with reverse automatic and cross lead spindle for up to 1,300 ft camera cable the synchronous movement of camera cable and tractor prevents overrunning of the camera cable during reverse drive

Built-in Rausch USA vehicles only.

Application for:

  • Mainline CCTV Inspection Systems
  • Lateral Launch CCTV Inspection Systems
  • Laser Pipe Profiling Systems


  • Telescopic swivel crane arm
  • Electric chain hoist
  • Fully synchronized to camera tractor
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Cross-lead spindle for neat cable winding
  • Cable slack detection

  • Auto cable payout
  • Integrated electric brake
  • LED Overhead Spot Light
  • Cable guiding system
  • Cable cleaning system
  • Emergency stop button
  • Rear pendant
  • Rack mounted with drawer and slide


  • ECO STAR system 
  • Quadtro SAT lateral cable reel
  • L 135 tractor
  • KS 135 mainline camera


At 0:41 you will see the Rausch mainline camera and tractor be lowered into the manhole using the Elka 600 cable reel’s swivel crane arm and chain hoist.


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