Product Overview

Application Range from 4″ up to 120″ Pipe Diameter

The variable control unit ECO STAR is our space-saving, built-in solution for CCTV inspections. The Rausch USA ECO STAR built-in version can be expanded with our modular system of the M-Series.

The mobile version of the control unit ECO STAR is designed for CCTV inspections with push cameras from 2 inches to 10 inches or steerable crawler systems from 4 inches up to 120 inches. The ECO STAR has an integrated LCD monitor. Both, crawler and camera, are controlled via two joysticks. This mobile control unit is designed for the use with the cable drum Alpha 150. As a built-in version, however, the ECO STAR 400 unit is able to control the cable drums Quadtro 300 or Elka 600 as well.


  • Comfortable interior fittings in lightweight design with LED ceiling lights
  • Walk-through design desktop with various shelves and revolving chair
  • Control unit with 10.4” LCD monitor
  • PC with 22″ monitor
  • Software for documentation of the TV inspection

Rear Area

  • Low weight construction
  • Rack with high quality aluminium profiles and drawers for crawlers and accessories
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Fully automatic cable drum Elka 600 with integrated 8” LCD monitor
  • Telescopic swivel arm with chain hoist and LED work light
  • Satellite cable drum Quadtro SAT
  • Pressure test system Premus
  • 15 Gallon standard washdown system


  • Deformation measuring
  • Software for laser-guided defect measurement
  • LATRAS for lateral tracking
  • Satellite system for the inspection of laterals
  • Pressure tests for leak testing of joints, pipe sections, branches and laterals
  • For pipes up to 120 inches in connection with the crawler C 135 and height extension or on a float
  • Air conditioning (roof top) with generator application
  • Rear canopy
  • Additional safety lighting
  • Additional rear 19” monitor
  • Bathroom
  • Sink
  • UV Sanitation light
  • Solar power


Data acquisition software for professional documentation of sewer pipe and manhole inspections inclusive recording of digital videos in MPEG 1/2/4 formats and picture digitizing in JPEG-format. Extended functionality by additional modules like inclination, temperature, deformation measurement and measurement of defects. 3D-Mapping of pipes and branched laterals with manholes. Export interfaces in most frequent formats, configurable report generator to produce inspection reports i.e in pdf format.


ECO STAR / Software:
deformation, temperature, inclination measurements and measurement of defects

ECO STAR / Software:
Inclination measurement

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