Product Overview

Application Range from 4″ up to 120″ (Operating Camera Crawlers at up to 1,700 feet Cable Length)

With the Rausch RCA Proline, you experience CCTV inspection at high quality and comfort. Digital control and display unit, fully synchronized cable drums, a modular camera crawler in an overall ergonomic concept. These features speak for themselves. In conjunction with our M-Series, the RCA Proline sets the gold standard among the CCTV inspection systems.


  • Expansion according to the overall ergonomic concept
  • Integrated storage spaces and shelves
  • LED interior lights
  • Digital control and operating unit in 19″ technology
  • Multifunction joystick, membrane keyboard and status display for inspection control
  • Generous LCD main monitor
  • Monitor for work area camera
  • PC with 22″ monitor and printer
  • Software for documentation of the inspection

Rear Area

  • Signature spray on flooring
  • Expansion with high-quality aluminum profiles and drawers for crawlers and accessories
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Fully automatic cable drum Elka 600 with integrated 8″ LCD monitor
  • Telescopic swivel arm with chain hoist and LED work light
  • Satellite cable drum Quadtro SAT
  • Pressure monitoring system Premus 600
  • 15 Gallon Standard Washdown System


  • Deformation measuring
  • Software for laser-guided defect measurement
  • LATRAS for lateral tracking
  • Satellite system for the inspection of laterals
  • Pressure tests for leak testing of joints, pipe sections, branches and laterals
  • For pipes up to 120 inches in connection with the crawler C 135 and height extension or on a float
  • Air conditioning (roof top) with generator application
  • Rear canopy
  • Additional safety lighting
  • Additional rear 19” monitor
  • Bathroom
  • Sink
  • UV Sanitation light
  • Solar power

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