• Lateral Launch System whole

    The Lateral Launch system can be a standalone system or a modular upgrade to the Mainline System.

  • Lateral Launch Pro

    Can launch into any angle from the mainline.

  • Lateral Launch Aim

    The auxiliary camera enables precise control for the launch.

  • Lateral Launch action

    Can launch from angles greater than 90°.

  • Lateral Launch action 2

    Can launch from angles greater than 90°.

  • Lateral Launch action large

    Can launch from mainline pipes up to 48" in diameter.

  • Lateral Launch system hanging

    The Elka 600 cable reel with electric chain hoist gives the user control.

  • Lateral Launch with Elka 600 cable reel

    With the Elka 600 cable reel with electric chain hoist easily lowers the system into the manhole.

  • KS60CL Lateral Inspection Camera

    The KS 60 CL Lateral Camera

  • Attaching Lateral Launch Module

    The Lateral Launch system can be a module upgrade for the L 135 tractor.

  • Lateral launch with steering pin

    The Lateral Camera comes with an optional steering pin.

  • Lateral Camera with Pin

    The optional pin allows the KS 60 CL to negotiate branched laterals.

  • Lateral Launch mc sat40 camera

    The SAT 40 self-leveling lateral camera for pipes as small as 2"

  • Lateral Launch mc sat40 camera 2

    The SAT 40 is a module upgrade to existing systems

  • Lateral Launch mc sat40 camera 3

    The outer diameter of the SAT 40 is only 40 mm.

Rausch M-Series

Lateral Launching - Pipe Inspection

Application range 6" to 48" pipe diameter

The Rausch Lateral Launch System, the M 135, launches a small pan & tilt camera, the KS 60 CL, into laterals from the mainline. It is a module for the L 135 tractor / crawler. Can be sold either as a standalone lateral launch system or as a module upgrade to a mainline TV Inspection, QuickLock Point Repair or Laser Profiling System. Application range from 6" to 48" mainline pipe diameter.

Cross Bore Safety

We now offer the SAT 40 self-leveling lateral camera for laterals as small as 2".

Main Features of the Lateral Launch System

Lateral Launch mobile aim
  • Application range: 6" to 48" pipe diameters
  • Up to 150 ft of lateral push distance.
  • Up to 550 ft of mainline cable.
  • Automatically synchronized cable reels.
  • Electronic distance counter.
  • Quick-Connect to the tractor for extremely easy and quick set up. (Plug & Play)
  • Connects to electric lift of the L 135 tractor.
  • ZKM 135 auxiliary camera for direct observation of launch.
  • High-power LED's in the PM135 for accurate positioning and camera insertion.
  • PM 135 can position the lateral camera to launch into angles greater than 90°.
  • SKM 135 launch module pushes the camera into the lateral, and can launch against the flow.

The M 135 is a scalable lateral launch system. The system consists of the L 135 tractor, a push module (SKM), a positioning module (PM), an auxiliary camera (ZKM) and the lateral pan & tilt camera (KS 60 CL).

For the inspection of laterals from large mainlines, simply attach large tires onto the tractor and the extension attachment onto the steering module. A detachable steering pin can be mounted on the lateral camera for aiding entering into the lateral, or to be used to negotiate branched laterals.

KS 60 CL Pan & Tilt Lateral Camera

lateral launch action

The Lateral KS 60 CL camera is designed to work in many configurations. Its primary use is as the advanced pan & tilt lateral camera for the lateral launch system. But it can also be mounted onto our miniature tractor, the L100 Cross, to inspect mainlines as small as 4" pipe diameter.

  • As small as 4" lateral
  • Electrical auto-upright picture
  • Infinite 360° rotation
  • 300° pan motion
  • Detachable steering pin to negotiate branched laterals
  • Integrated sonde transmitter (33KHz or 512Hz)
  • Nitrogen pressurized with sensor-leak detection
  • 6 high-power LED's for superior illumination
  • Diameter: 2.44", Length: 5.07", Weight: 1.43 lbs.
  • Connects to up to 150 ft. lateral push cable

SAT 40 Auto-Upright Lateral Camera

mcsat40 mobile

We introduced the SAT 40 lateral camera to solve a particular problem customers experienced when inspecting laterals - the pipe was just too small. The MC SAT40 is equipped with a self-leveling auto upright picture and can inspect laterals as small as 2". Upgrade your system to expand your application range with the SAT 40.

  • Application range: 2"-8"
  • Self-leveling auto upright picture
  • Integrated sonde transmitter (512Hz)
  • High resolution color camera module with 520 TV-lines
  • 0.05 Lux / F1.2
  • Lens protected by 3 mm sapphire glass; 136° angle of view
  • 10 chip LED light ring
  • Outer diameter: 40 mm
  • Connects to up to 150 ft. lateral push cable


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