Product Overview

Application Range from 3″ up to 16″ (with All Optional Accessories)

The mc50 is a compact and durable CCTV push camera system. The 2″ self-leveling camera can push through 4″ 90-degree P-traps. Includes 512 Hz sonde standard, 33 kHz available for special order.

Sewer, water & drain video pipe inspection camera, cable reel and monitor.

Included in System:

KK55SL 2.2″ self-leveling camera, 200 ft. cable on reel, System control unit with 2 hours battery life, 8.4″ monitor with SD card recording, Accessory case with centering skids up to 10″.

System Specs

  • Cable Reel: 200 ft. (60m) of 9.2mm fiberglass push cable (300 ft. / 90m available)
  • Integrated 512 Hz sonde standard (33 kHz special order)
  • Electronic on-screen distance counter
  • Built-in lithium Ion battery for more than 2 hours operation.
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240V AC adapter / 12V DC Car charger adapter
  • Lightweight stainless steel and carbon reel cage.
  • Mechanical reel brake
  • Control Unit: power switch, variable light regulation, distance counter control, sonde control, battery status LEDs, BNC video out
  • Weight: 43 lbs.; Dimensions: 25″ x 26″ x 12″ (L x H x W)
  • Optional: Second built-in battery

The included accessory case includes the 6″ roller skid with the 8″ exchange rolls, a sunshield, spare SD cards, SD-to-USB adapter, and a carrying strap.

Monitor & Recording

  • 8.4” TFT LCD sunlight readable, records video, audio & photo
  • Pelican® Storm Case heavy-duty housing
  • SD card reader, max. 32 GB for approx. 20 hours of video
  • MPEG-4 Video (.avi, 800×600); Pictures (.bmp 640×480)
  • Touch button control for recording photos, videos, and file management
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch for voice note control
  • Optional Qwerty keyboard text generator in Pelican case


  • 8.4″ Monitor: Upgrade the screen, and optional keyboard
  • Rausch USA Connector: Connects to Rausch USA trucks and system software
  • Trolley w/ Wheels: Hooks onto the reel for transport with wheels.
  • Adjustable 12-20″ Skid: Roller skid with extendable skids and extra lights.


KK55SL Camera


Feature Specs
Range 3″ – 16″
Self Leveling Yes
Video Quality Color 480 TVL
Light Ring 16 pcs LEDs
Lens 4mm Sapphire Glass
Water Tight Up to 145psi
Outer Diameter 2.17″
Cylindrical Length 1.42″

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