RCA 4.0 Full HD

Next generation CCTV inspection system

Application range from 4" up to 98" pipe diameter

The RCA 4.0 enables transmission in Full HD with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels using copper cables instead of optical fibers. This is possible due to specially developed and patented VML technology. The result: improved quality of the inspection data and reduced running cost based on simplified services requirements.

  • RCA 4.0 Studio - system control with industrial 15" touchscreen PC and two multifunctional joysticks
  • Elka 600 HD - includes observation monitor, telescopic swivel arm, and chain winch, with cable length up to 1968 ft.
  • C 135 Crawler - with the KS 135 Scan HD, laser crack measurement and inclination
  • M 135 Lateral Launch - the C 135 crawler with the KS 60 HD lateral camera, application from 5” to 48” pipe diameter
  • C 100 Crawler - with the KS 60 HD, application from 4” to 24” pipe diameter
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Professional Control

RCA 4.0 Studio Control

Our powerful video inspection workstation studio

  • Digital CCTV technology in Full HD quality 1920 x 1080 pixels or MPEG4 with 720 x 576 pixels
  • Ergonomic operating concept with desk for fatigue free working environment
  • System control with industrial PC including a 15” touch screen and two multi-functional joysticks to control the camera and crawler
  • User adjustable surface and joystick control
  • Digital overlay technology to display readings and data in various country versions
  • Display technology and adjustable text size and color
  • 22” CCTV monitor in Full HD
  • Serial bus system for the control of cable drums, crawlers, cameras and the Full HD Satellite System
  • Ethernet connection for video and data exchange including a documentation PC and software
  • Alternative recording in MPEG4 format is possible in case Full HD data quantities cannot be processed
  • Available as Full HD version or as a system “Full HD prepared” for later upgrade


Elka 600 HD Motorized Cable Reel

With up to 1,968 feet of mainline HD copper cable

  • Telescopic swivel crane arm
  • Electric chain hoist
  • Electronic brake and cross-lead spindle for cable winding with cable slack detection
  • Slip ring connection for rapid cable change
  • Fully synchronized to the camera/crawler unit
  • Synchonizes with the Quadtro SAT HD (cable length: 525 ft., push cable: 130 ft.) for lateral launch inspection in Full HD

C 135 + KS 135 Scan HD

6"-98" pipe diameter

C 135 Crawler
  • Steerable 4-wheel drive
  • Electric lift with reverse camera
  • Dual axis inclination sensor*
  • Reverse sensor synchronized with cable reel
KS 135 C Camera
  • 280° pan, infinite 360° rotation
  • 10X optical zoom
  • Manual & auto focus control
  • Four long-range LEDs and 6 short-range LEDs
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Deformation measurement*
  • Laser crack measurement*


Lateral Launch HD

6"- 48" pipe diameter

M135 System
  • Scalable lateral launch system
  • Connects directly to electric lift of C135
  • Up to 550 ft. cable & 130 ft. push cable
  • Synchronized with main cable reel
  • Can be upgraded with LATRAS module
  • M200 System for 8" to 72" launch
KS 60 HD Camera
  • Pan and tilt camera with infinite rotation
  • Dual camera zoom
  • Manual & auto focus control
  • Distortion-free wide angle lens
  • 1080p Full HD image and video
rausch-hd-lateral-launch * Currently pictured is the M200 Lateral Launch, for 8-72"

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