Vehicle Systems

Rausch Installations are fully customizable - no matter which vehicle is chosen to install in, all systems are scalable to include any combination of motorized cable reels, from the Alpha 150 up to the Elka 600 motorized cable reel.

Standard Vehicle Choices

  • Box Truck
  • Van
  • Trailer
  • Retro Installation
  • Others suitable vehicle installations upon request
See photo galleries below for sample build outs of each vehicle type

The vehicle choice does not limit the upgradeability of a Rausch system. A vehicle is the platform to customize a Rausch inspection system according to your needs.

Sprinter Van
Rausch supplied Mercedes Sprinter 3500 or Customer Supplied Retro Install

Box Truck
Rausch supplied Ford E450 or Customer Supplied Retro Install

Rausch supplied Trailer or Customer Supplied Retro Install