Rausch Service Training Day Class Registration

Registration for our annual Service Training Days on June 3-4th, 2019. Each registrant is limited to 3 attendees.

Please sign up for the specific classes you are interested in. Class sizes are limited and each time slot is only available on a first come, first serve basis.

Please select the classes you wish to attend. Each class time has limited availability. Service Training Class Descriptions

You may sign up for just one class, a full day of classes, a class every day, or every class - there is no minimum requirement.

    Monday 8 AM
  1. Monday 9 AM
  2. Monday 10:30 AM
  3. Monday 1 PM

  4. Tuesday 8 AM
  5. Tuesday 10 AM
  6. Tuesday 1 PM
  7. Tuesday 2 PM


What are the names of the people from your company who will be attending? Please include your name if you are coming. Make a note either next to their name or in the message block if someone has specific classes different from what was selected above, or submit a separate form for them.

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts:

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