Video - Lateral Launch

Video collection of the Rausch M 135 Lateral Launch system in action. Lateral Launch Product Page

Rausch Lateral Launch Action

This video demonstrates how the Rausch Lateral Launch System launches a pan and tilt lateral camera into laterals as small as 4" from the mainline. Lateral Launch Product Specifications

Steering Pin to Negotiate Branched Laterals

This video demonstrates the capabilities of the Rausch steering pin attachment for the pan and tilt lateral camera. With this steering pin, the Rausch camera can negotiate through branched laterals. Lateral Launch Product Specifications

Launch from Large Mainlines

The Rausch Lateral Launch system can launch the pan and tilt camera from mainlines as large as 48" in pipe diameter. This video shows the launch of a camera from a 42" mainline. Lateral Launch Product Specifications

Launch Up to 180' Into Laterals

Rausch systems can launch farther than any other on the market - up to 180 feet into the lateral.
*This footage is of an 82' uninterrupted run. Lateral Launch Product Specifications

Lateral Launch Jetting System

With the LLJ attachment, the Rausch lateral camera uses water to propel through the lines. The suction effect created by the LLJ loosens most root balls, and the water clears debris in the lines. Lateral Launch Jetting Specifications

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