Video - minCam Push System

Video series of the minCam push camera setup and in action.

minCam Quick Setup

This video is short for a reason - the minCam setup is so quick and easy that it could not be any longer. You just switch on the camera, ready the monitor and place the camera in the pipe to begin the pipe inspection. There is no unpacking, no cables to be connected, and no monitor to be mounted.
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minCam in 4", 90°-T

The KK55SL 2" diameter camera can be pushed through a 4" 90°-T with ease. It can be pushed through a 3"-T with extra force.
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minCam Recording Videos and Photos

This video explains the controls on the 8.4" TFT-LCD monitor for recording photos and videos.
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In Pipe Footage

Live footage from minCam industrial push camera run inside of a pipe.
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minCam Control Unit

This operational video explains the functions and controls on the system control unit of the minCam cable reels.
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minCam Centering Guides

This operational video explains how to mount the KK55 centering guide and roller skid for pipe inspection in larger diameters.
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minCam Durable Camera Head

This video shows the absolute durability of a minCam push camera on display as some visitors to the show hammer in nails with the camera head.
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minCord 13mm camera through multiple 90° bends

Our smallest push camera can push through multiple 90° bends in a single line. The cable is very flexible, but stiff enough to push through lines as large as 3" pipe diameter. This video demonstrates the minCord in action in a 2" diameter line.
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