Rausch USA lateral inspection systems are the premier choice by leading Cross Bore Safety Contractors throughout the US. Our systems ensure performance, speed and reliability for a wide variety of applications and for the most difficult pipe conditions

What is a Utility Cross Bore?

“Cross bores are defined as an intersection of an existing underground utility or underground structure by a second utility resulting in direct contact between the transactions of the utilities that compromises the integrity of either utility or underground structure.”

The dangers of failing to detect a cross bore can be disastrous. The crossing of sewer and gas lines has the potential risk for an explosion.

What is the Cross Bore Safety Association (CBSA)?

The purpose of the Cross Bore Safety Association is to bring persons and organizations together to create comprehensive high quality standards, guidelines, best practices, means and methods, courses, training, instructional materials and other related resources for the education and training of owners, installers, regulators, users, inspectors, maintainers and others who can benefit from such so as to minimize the risk for injury, loss of life and property damage from utility cross bores in an effective and efficient manner.

Why buy a Rausch USA?
  • Our mainline and lateral launch systems allow for inspections to be launched from the mainline sewer pipe from 6″ to 48″ dia, into laterals from 4 to 10 inches dia. Launching into a 90° T- connection is what we do all day long – and that at 360° vertically.
  • Our lateral launcher can repeatedly push the lateral camera up to 160 ft into the lateral – farther than any other system on the market.
  • The lateral camera is a Pan & Tilt camera with electric focus, integrated sonde, auto upright picture, infinite rotation and a steering pin for negotiating branched laterals.
  • If you encounter 6-8 inch mains with large offsets or heavy root ingrowth – we can provide the solution: Our lateral launch upgrade, in connection with your jetter trailer/truck enables you to move through and launch into lines that no conventional camera system could ever reach.
  • The Rausch USA Service Department provides fast, reliable repair and support for our systems, thus reducing downtime and keeping the inspection teams on the job.

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