Product Overview

The QuickLock Liner End Sleeve is an innovative method to seal and protect CIPP liners where they enter and connect to the manhole. This system instantly and permanently eliminates two major problems after a CIPP liner is installed:

(1) It fully seals the liner to the host pipe, preventing inflow along the liner running into the manhole.

(2) It protects the liner-end section from potential physical damage caused by a root cutter or jetting nozzle.

Application For:

  • Seal against residual intrusion between liner & host pipe.
  • Mechanical protection against high pressure cleaning.
  • Mechanical protection against pulleys and cutters.

The QuickLock End sleeve is available in nominal diameters of 6″ to 24″ and in the following lengths: 10″ (6″ – 16″ diameter) & 12″ (18″ – 24″ diameter).

Operating Principle

The sleeve body is of 316L stainless steel, covered by an EPDM rubber gasket designed to accommodate all common liner wall thicknesses that maintains the nominal width established by the liner. The system works strictly on mechanical compression – no resin or grout is involved. The sleeve is expanded by a specially designed packer and locks into place by the one-way ratchet locking gear mechanism.

Any liner installation without liner-end pieces in place are almost always subject to failure.


  • Easy and quick installation – no cure time.
  • Long-life materials 316L stainless steel body & EPDM rubber gasket.
  • Tight and high pressure jetting resistant – IKT tested
  • Compensation of shrinkage behavior of fiberglass liners.

For the installation of the QuickLock liner end sleeves only a set of air powered cutting tools capable of cutting into the liner and a QuickLock End hand-held installation packer are required.



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