Product Overview

Application Range from 4″ up to 20″ Pipe Diameter

For inspection of sewer pipes with diameters from 4″ to 20″, you have the choice between the well-equipped pan & tilt camera KS 60 CL and our fully digital top-of-the-line model KS 60 DB (digital version).

Both camera solutions are equipped as standard with an integrated transmitter and precisely matched to our robust, steerable camera crawler L 90. On request, the crawlers and cameras are available as explosion proof versions with test certificates according to 2014/34/EU. Compact dimensions, powerful motors. Three driven axles. Extremely low centre of gravity. Special wheelsets. In this way the steerable L 100 Cross overcomes problems even in difficult pipe conditions.


  • For Omicron and Rausch compact systems
  • Wear-free drive motors
  • Steerable
  • 3 drive axles
  • 30° bends from DN 150
  • Low center of gravity
  • Compact design
  • Rigid attachment for small diameters
  • Manual height adjustment

+ KS 60 CL Camera

  • Application range: 4″ to 20″ diameter
  • Three driven axles for 4″ diameter
  • Extremely low center of gravity due to tilted wheel positioning
  • Manual and automated steering
  • Tilt-able screw-on adapter for the KS 60 CL camera, no exposed cables
  • Mechanical height adjustment
  • Direct additional Power-LED Light Attachment for diameters larger than 6″ – no exposed cables
  • Cascading of up to three (3) lighting modules
  • Small cardanic connector with integrated pull sensor for synchronization.
  • Integrated sonde locater built into KS 60 CL camera.

+ KS 40 Camera

  • From DN 75
  • 90° bends from DN 90
  • Pin to turn off
  • Location probe optional with transmission frequency of 33 KHz or 512 Hz
  • Wear-free objectivmodul


  • Operatable in explosive atmosphere according to RL 2014/34/EU
  • Temperature measurement
  • Additional weights
  • Additional lights
  • Clay wheels

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