Each purchase of a Rausch USA​ system features access to a variety of Rausch USA Value Added Services.

The Rausch USA Service Department is responsible for phone support, equipment repair and spare parts distribution throughout North America. Our highly skilled and motivated staff has a clear mission: to provide you with the best service in the industry. Approximately 90% of all repair items leave the shop within 36 hours upon their arrival, while parts orders are usually shipped the same day. You can contact the Service Department at (717) 263-8093 or email Serviceparts@rauschusa.com.

Service Training

Upon delivery of your Rausch USA unit, operator training will be provided to your system crews. In addition, we offer Service Training at our facility for our customer’s maintenance and operation personnel. We encourage you to send your operators to Rausch USA for more extensive training to maintain your equipment.

Loaner Program

Rausch USA is pleased to offer our customer’s a FREE loaner equipment program. This program is extended free of charge to our new and existing customers who have purchased new Rausch USA CCTV inspection systems.


With each new system we hand out a service manual with information including a parts list, repair and maintenance instructions for your Rausch USA system. Drawings and step-by-step videos are also available upon request.

Remote Support

Rausch USA service department uses Teamviewer software to enable our support team to remotely access your computer to assist in troubleshooting your software.

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