Product Overview

Application Range from 5.5″ up to 60″ Pipe Diameter

The steerable crawler L 135, made out of nickel-plated brass combined with an electric lift and an optional rear view camera, truly represents a class of its own. Robust, powerful and highly adaptable.

Due to the steering function and automatic reversing, it is also suitable for demanding CCTV inspections. With the pan and tilt camera KS 135 attached, it is ready to go. On request, the crawlers and cameras, including the M-Series, are available as explosion proof versions with test certificates according to 2014/34/EU. The L 135 is also used as the base crawler for the M-Series and the Rausch leak detection equipment Kampac.


  • Electric screw jack from 6 inches, optionally with rearview camera
  • Tilt sensor
  • Stepless automatic reverse
  • Transverse inclination measurement and automatic correction function
  • Continuous pressure monitoring
  • Optional temperature sensor
  • Camera quick connect with universal joint

System Specs

  • Application Range: 5.5″ to 60″ pipe diameter
  • Studio controlled electric lift
  • Two powerful motors for steerable 4-wheel drive
  • Anti-rollover feature with on/off control
  • Variable speed, joystick controlled
  • Inclination sensor
  • Automated & sensor-controlled synchronization to main cable reel
  • Weight: 43lbs; length: 20.5″; diameter: 5.4″
  • Material: anodized brass, fully CNC-machined from a solid block
  • Extremely quick set-up time for various pipe sizes
  • Cardanic military style heavy-duty connector to main cable
  • Mechanical ‘quick-lock’ connector to all cameras and modules – no exposed wires or contacts
  • Nitrogen-Pressurized for leak protection with sensor-leak detection
  • Complete wheel sets for various pipe conditions
  • Stackable tires can be placed over currently equipped tires for faster set up
  • Integrated locater transmitter (33kHz or 512Hz)
  • Integrated Rear View Color Camera
  • Additional weights (maximum of 40 lbs.)

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