Program Overview

Rausch USA is pleased to offer our customer’s a FREE loaner equipment program. This program is extended free of charge to our new and existing customers who have purchased new Rausch USA CCTV inspection systems.

Rausch USA offers free loaner equipment to our participating customer in good standing, (participating customer’s account is current, and they are in compliance with this program). Free loaner equipment is available once customer’s product has arrived at our facility and a determination has been made that it cannot be repaired within 48 hours. Note – in certain circumstances, after discussion with our Service Technician, a tracking number will suffice for the equipment being returned inside the 48 hours for a loaner to be sent.

It is our goal to make your repair process as hassle free as possible. One of the biggest customer inconveniences is being left without equipment for your current project due to lengthy repair times. When we cannot turn your equipment around in a 48-hour time frame, we offer our customers in good standing free loaner equipment. There are some guidelines that help the loaner program operate smoothly and efficiently. All current customers are asked to complete an updated Participation Application and review the current program guidelines.

Terms and Conditions

LOANER: Loaner equipment is provided based upon availability, and only when repair time will exceed 48 business hours (all shipping and handling charges will be the responsibility of the customer, based upon warranty determination). Loaner eligibility is effective, once the faulty equipment is received at Rausch USA for repair (in some circumstances a tracking number will suffice for the returning equipment). Loaners must be received at Rausch USA​ within 5 business days after customer’s receipt of their repaired equipment. For loaners not returned within this time frame, customers will be billed for loaner equipment not returned at a daily charge of $300.00 per day, billed weekly.

SHIPMENT: When repair time will exceed 48 hours and upon customer’s request, Rausch USA will ship a loaner to an address provided by the customer (in some circumstances the loaner could be sent if a tracking number for the returning equipment is received by Rausch USA). Loaner shipment is also only possible if such loaner equipment is currently available. Customer shall be responsible for all shipping costs for loaner equipment. Shipment of the loaner will be the same method as the shipment of the part to be repaired to Rausch USA. Customer shall be fully responsible for loaner equipment from date of receipt of shipment until it is returned and received at Rausch USA. Any shipping damages must be reported to Rausch USA within 24 hours of receipt.

Return shipment of the equipment is always the customer’s responsibility, at the customer’s expense. Equipment should be returned in original shipping container, unless such container has been damaged that it would jeopardize safe shipment. In such case, customer must use equivalent container to return the shipment.

LOSS OR DAMAGE: Customer shall return the equipment in the same condition to Rausch USA as when it was received by customer (excluding normal wear and tear). Customer assumes full responsibility for loss, damage or injuries resulting from the use of equipment, and shall be liable to Rausch USA for loss or replacement of the equipment up to the full replacement value thereof. If loaner equipment is returned damaged and or stripped of any parts during the customer’s possession, the customer will be invoiced the cost to repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate?

Any customer who has purchased their vehicles new from Rausch USA directly or new through an authorized Rausch USA dealer.

Is a Loaner Available Now?

Please call in to confirm availability of loaner equipment. While we strive to keep components stocked, loaners can only be provided when the equipment is available.

How Does Shipping Work?

When the repair time will exceed 48 hours, Rausch USA will ship a loaner upon customer’s request to the provided address. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and determines the shipping method.

Returning Loaner Equipment

The loaner equipment must be returned to Rausch USA in the original shipping container in the same condition as when it was received. Loaners must be returned to Rausch USA within 5 business days of receiving the repaired equipment. Failure to do so will incur a daily charge.


EQUIPMENT: All loaner equipment is and remains the property of Rausch USA. The customer shall have no rights or property interest in the equipment other than what is set forth in this agreement.

Noncompliance with this agreement will result in customer being excluded from this program.

Note: Participating Customers are defined as those customers who have purchased their vehicles new from Rausch USA directly or through an authorized Rausch USA dealer.

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