Product Overview

Rausch USA’s Kampac Joint Pressure Testing System (JPTS) has been on the European Market for many years and has proven to be a very viable and highly reliable tool. This system is used to test each joint for leaks individually. It is a module for the L 135 tractor / crawler and is available as an upgrade for Rausch USA systems. Pressure test system for single joint tests from 8″ to 24″ (Patent No.DE19740276).

The tests can be carried out either by air or water; the test sleeves are separately filled. Packer pressure, variable 1,5 – 4,5 bar; test pressure selectable up to 500 mbar.

How it Works

This pressure test system consists of the control unit Premus 600, supplemented by the respective Kampac test packer according to the pipe diameters. A pan and tilt camera is integrated inside the packer. Between the two packer sleeves, is a Plexiglas which allows the camera a 360°view of the pipe for accurate positioning and optical control of the joint during the tests.

The Kampac packer is connected to a crawler and thereby driven to the joint to be tested. The controls, i.e. the pressure transmitter is connected directly at the packer and operated through a magnetic valve. Therefore, the pressure is measured directly at the packer which results in the fact that the volume of air inside the hose doesn’t have any effect on the measurement.

  • The L 135 Tractor positions the JPTS over the joint(s) to be tested.
  • Proper alignment is ensured by the CCTV camera located in between the two inflatable bladders
  • The first bladder is expanded to block any flow coming through the line/system.
  • The second bladder is expanded to seal off the joint.
  • Air pressure – usually 8 psi – is applied to the now sealed joint area. The pre-set* air pressure value must be maintained for a certain period of time, to be set according to applicable testing regulations.
  • After the test period is over, the system will indicate if the joint has passed or failed the test.**

*The test pressures and the duration of the test can be adjusted to meet requirements.

**The software produces a report of the tested areas that can be printed.


The chart indicates the possible combinations of the individual modules of the M-series:



This animated video demonstrates how the Rausch JPTS operates inside of the pipe to individually seal off joints for pressure testing with air or water.


In Depth Look at Components

Our easy-to-mount special attachment enables you to inspect even various egg-shaped pipe profile sizes. This same system can be expanded to perform other tasks as well. We offer individual modules for Laser Profiling, Joint Pressure Testing, Lateral Launch and QuickLock Point Repair. Easy and quick to add-on, basically just “plug-and-play” upgrades to the same system.

Premus 600
  • Control unit for pressure tests of reaches and manholes
  • Integrated pressure sensor +/- 350 mbar
  • an additional pressure sensor up to 750 mbar is available
  • Connection for maximum 3 external sensors
  • Data acquisition via USB or RS422
  • Activation of external pressure source
Kampac Hose Drum with Pneumatic Drive
  • Hose drum with 150 m camera cable with integrated hose
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Pressure transmitter for test and packer pressure
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Height 530x width 460 x depth 530 mm
Control Unit
  • For testing of joints, laterals and pipe sections
  • Test with air and optionally with water
  • Operation of Kampac II and Vario Kampac packer
  • Integrated valves for faster testing
  • Test pressure selectable 0 – 500 mbar
  • Separate sleeve inflation with variable pressure values
  • Pressure sensor for test area and packer sleeves
  • Pressure values and test time configurable
Manual Hose Drum
  • For joint tests with water
Test Packer
  • Packers from 200 up to 600 mm with 360° Plexiglas sleeve for pan and tilt camera
Maxiflex Gel
  • For sealing packer and for use in porous pipes
  • Gel with memory function
Compressed Air and Pneumatic Unit
  • Compressor, intake power 200 l/min
  • Compressed air tank, 40 l, 8 bar
  • Vacuum pump 220 V, 60 cm³, pressure 600 mbar, toggle switch filling test mode for reaches
  • Filling and deflating of larger  plugs/stoppers
Water Tank
  • 150 l, with sensor pump
  • PC,  Software, Monitors, Printer for documentation and recording of the test results

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