Rausch USA partners with industry leading inspection software companies to provide our customers with cutting edge and reliable reporting software at an affordable price. 

ITpipes is hardware agnostic and works already with many different sensory inspection hardware systems.

PipeLogix is the software of choice for ease of use, clarity, flexibility and informative reports. Because PipeLogix has always been an Asset Based Program, it easily interfaces with asset management programs since it utilizes unique mainline pipes, lateral pipes, and manholes within the program and tracks surveys done on them.

PipeTech Scan is cutting-edge software for generating pipeline inspection data.  Operators love how easy it is to log observations, and engineers rave about the breadth of data available for study.

We Offer Five Software Options To Choose From, All With Superior Functionality And Highly Accurate Pipeline Inspections. Used for mainline, lateral, and manhole inspection. Fully loaded with all inspection features and modules. 

To understand sewer condition citywide, individual inspections must be performed to a common standard. WinCan supports more observation catalogs worldwide than any other sewer inspection software, ensuring your data is fully portable and yields superior insight. 

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