Product Overview

Rausch USA Installations are fully customizable – no matter which vehicle is chosen to install in, all systems are scalable to include any combination of motorized cable reels.

Rausch USA supplied Nissan NV 3500 or customer supplied Retro Install.

Compatible with:

  • Mainline Systems (RCA 4.0 HD, RCA Proline, ECO STAR)
  • Laser Profiling
  • Lateral Launching
  • Manhole inspection
  • Joint Pressure Testing
  • Jetting System
  • Lateral Tracking (LATRAS)
  • QuickLock Point Repair System

Equipment Specs

  • Mainline camera & crawler included
  • Upgrade available for lateral launch
  • Upgrade available for laser pipe profiling
  • Full 1 Year Warranty on equipment
  • ECO STAR system control unit
  • POSM Pro inspection software with laser module, lateral launch & inclination measurement, installed in an industrial-grade PC
  • Elka 600 cable reel drum with swivel crane arm, chain hoist and 1,000 ft of cable
  • L 135 steerable tractor with electric lift, rear-view camera, and sonde
  • Spare Parts Package

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