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Rausch Company photo Rausch USA HQ.
Our Mission

To provide advanced and innovative products for pipe inspection and point repair that match the ever-changing and evolving demands of success-oriented customers. 

Where reliable fast service and repair are guaranteed. 


For over 30 years, Rausch has been a leading manufacturer of innovative and top-quality Pipe Inspection Equipment with satisfied customers all over the world. Our company's roots lie in Germany, where we began designing what was then called the "sewer eye." Over the years, we've developed our products and expanded our business throughout the world, finally opening Rausch Electronics USA here in America.

Rausch Electronics USA began as a US corporation in March of 2004. Our high-tech products have rapidly gained the attention and have earned the approval of the American water and waste water industry. According to our customers, our modular lateral launch system and the laser pipe profiler are setting the standard in the market. In 2012, we moved our Service Center to a new building to accomodate increasing demand, and in 2014 we again expanded, this time into the second half of our warehouse building.

Rausch USA welcomed Gregory Hall as our President in 2016. Our team continues to grow here in Chambersburg, and we are strategically growing our US distribution network with new partnerships across the country.

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