RRCure 100

Self-sufficient UV light curing system.

As an add-on for rehabilitation measures difficult to access or complete the existing fleet of UV systems. Including a fully integrated data logging system.

RRCure 1500 Compact

Currently the most powerful UV light curing system (compact, mobile).

The RRCure 1500 Compact is also available in customized versions (e.g. permanent installation, external control station). The power of the individual UV lamps can be regulated. 

RRCure 2000/Truck

UV light curing system designed for vehicle conversion.

The RRCure 2000/Truck system is available with a total power of 36,0000 Watts. The control station can be created to customer specification and can include an adaptable remote control.

RRCure 3000 V

UV manhole rehabilitation system.

The RRCure 3000 V comes with integrated control and data acquisition.

RRLQ MH Hybrid

Shaft Light Source

Can be used with all UV light curing systems on the market. Corresponding necessary adapters are available.

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