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    Lateral Launch System

    Our unique lateral launch system mounts directly to the electric lift of the L 135 crawler and launches the pan & tilt lateral camera directly into 90° lateral taps, up to 150 ft into the lateral connection.

    Cross Bore Safety

    Application range: 6" to 48" pipe diameter

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    New MOBILE pro

    Robust design in a portable package.
    MOBILE pro features a lightweight cable reel and built-in 12" monitor with dual joystick control of the C 135 crawler. A professional and cost effective solution that can fit on an ATV.

    Application range: 4" to 78" pipe diameter

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    Laser Pipe Profiling System

    3-in-1 laser profiling system which uses the spinning laser technology. Meets the ASTM Standard for laser pipe profiling for measuring deflection and deviation in round pipe diameters from 6 up to 48 inches.

    Application range: 6" up to 48" pipe diameter

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    Mainline CCTV Inspection Camera

    The Rausch mainline pipe inspection system consists of the steerable four wheel drive L 135 Tractor/Crawler with an electrical lift and the pan & tilt KS 135 TV camera.

    Application range: 5.5" to 60" pipe diameter

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    minCam Push Camera System

    The minCam mc50 Duo push system comes features a dual reel design: two cable reels and two cameras, in one compact mobile unit.

    Application range: 2" to 16" pipe diameter

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Rausch Modular

Rausch L 135 Tractor

Our products connect to the L 135 tractor - each module is interchangeable and upgradeable. One Rausch system can be custom assembled to suit your inspection needs.

System Upgrade

Rausch Manhole Inspection System - Upgrade your Elka system today.

Rausch Manhole Inspection

This new adapter transforms a Rausch mainline system to inspect manholes.

Enable MACP inspections of manholes by upgrading the Elka 600 and attaching the mainline KS 135 camera to the arm and cable.

Upgrade Today

WWETT 2017

Rausch at WWETT 2017 in Indianapolis

Join us in Indianapolis!

RauschUSA invites you to visit booth 6139 on February 23-25 in Indianapolis, IN for the biggest industry show of the year, WWETT 2017.

We are bringing two fully-loaded systems and our portable MOBILE pro system.

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