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    Lateral Launch System

    Our unique lateral launch system mounts directly to the electric lift of the L 135 crawler and launches the pan & tilt lateral camera directly into 90° lateral taps, up to 150 ft into the lateral connection.

    Cross Bore Safety

    Application range: 6" to 48" pipe diameter

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    New MOBILE pro

    Robust design in a portable package.
    MOBILE pro features a lightweight cable reel and built-in 12" monitor with dual joystick control of the C 135 crawler. A professional and cost effective solution that can fit on an ATV.

    Application range: 4" to 78" pipe diameter

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    Laser Pipe Profiling System

    3-in-1 laser profiling system which uses the spinning laser technology. Meets the ASTM Standard for laser pipe profiling for measuring deflection and deviation in round pipe diameters from 6 up to 48 inches.

    Application range: 6" up to 48" pipe diameter

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    Mainline CCTV Inspection Camera

    The Rausch mainline pipe inspection system consists of the steerable four wheel drive L 135 Tractor/Crawler with an electrical lift and the pan & tilt KS 135 TV camera.

    Application range: 5.5" to 60" pipe diameter

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    minCam Push Camera System

    The minCam mc50 Duo push system comes features a dual reel design: two cable reels and two cameras, in one compact mobile unit.

    Application range: 2" to 16" pipe diameter

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4757 Innovation Way Chambersburg, PA 17201
Rausch Modular

Rausch L 135 Tractor

Our products connect to the L 135 tractor - each module is interchangeable and upgradeable. One Rausch system can be custom assembled to suit your inspection needs.

Featured System: Solar Van

Rausch Solar System - order yours today.

Special Solar-Powered System

This spring, RauschUSA's Integration Team designed and engineered a custom solar-powered Mainline Proline unit.

We are proud to highlight the features of this environmentally-friendly pipe inspection system!

Article Coming Soon!

Our Future Home

Rausch at No-Dig 2017 in Washington

Coming Fall 2017!

RauschUSA is excited to announce the construction of our new headquarters in Chambersburg, PA!

The new facility will feature state-of-the-art service center, integration division, and modern office space.

More Info Soon!

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